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}All rights reserved. This story is copyright by the author and commericial use is Preteen Tgp prohibited without the express permission of the author. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.The author would appreciate any comments our questions you might have about the story. Please contact Dom N. Attion at dom.n.attiongmail.com.This story contains descriptions of sexual contact between adult males, some of it non-consensual. If you are not of legal age to read such material, or if you find these sujects offensive, plese leave and do not read on.Collection Time
dom.n.attiongmail.com”Jon? What are you doing here? It’s pretty late.”"I came to collect, Marshall.”"Collect? What are you talking about?”I pushed my way past Marshall and walked into his house. “Your roommate home?”"N…no? Why? What’s going on?” Marshall closed the door and turned to look at me.”Good.” I quickly turned around and slammed him against the closed door. “Don’t play stupid, Marshall. You owe me something, and I’m here to collect it.” I growled at him, inching my face closer to his.”I…don’t know what you’re talking about.” He looked scared. Good.”Oh Jon, please send me pictures of your cock. Please show me your cumload. I’m so horny.” I crooned out my words to him, in Preteen Tgp an almost falsetto voice. I leaned into his ear. “Remember now bitch? Remember how you promised to let me fuck you if I sent you those pictures?”Marshall remained silent, fear showing in his eyes.”Well it’s been over a month and you’ve been avoiding me. So, now I’m here to collect my payment.”Marshall began to struggle against me. “Let me go Jon.”"Sorry Marshall, no can do.” I turned him around so his chest was against the wall, and reached into the bag I brought with me. Before he had a chance to protest, I had his arms cuffed behind his back.”What the fuck Jon! Let me go! This is really fucked up.” He was REALLY fighting me now. I pressed my body against him, making sure to grind my growing cock into his ass.”Now now Marshall, if you keep talking to me that way, I’ll have to gag you.” I crooned into his ear.”Damnit Jon LET ME GO.”"Tsktsk. Gag it is.” I grabbed the ball-gag out of my bag. “Pity. I really wanted to hear you scream and moan later when I’m buried in your ass.” After a bit of struggling, I got the ball-gag in place. “Too bad you can’t suck my cock either, but I don’t entirely trust you to not bite just yet.”I held him against the wall and Preteen Tgp licked and bit at his Preteen Tgp neck and ears, until I could feel him relax against me. I reached around to his front and grabbed at his groin. He was starting to get hard. Good. I wanted him to enjoy this.I pulled him away from the wall to lead him to his bedroom. This apparently snapped him out of his sexual stupor, he started struggling again. I gave him a sharp slap on the ass, and he stopped fighting. He was learning.I got to his bedroom door and pushed it open, and threw him face down on the bed.”Time to get rid of all this pesky clothing.” I reached under his stomach and grabbed his shirt, lifting it over his head. I wouldn’t be able to get it all the way off him, but tying them around his cuffed hands would do. I moved my hands to the button on his jeans, when I noticed that he was shaking. He wasn’t struggling. He was afraid. I straddled his ass and laid my body on top of his. “Ssh, baby. It’ll be alright. We both know you’re enjoying this. Just relax and give in.” I continued my early ministrations, kissing and biting his neck, ears, and back. I waited until I could feel his body relax beneath me. “There’s a good boy.”I reached back underneath him and undid his jeans, sliding them and his boxers off in one motion. Damn this boy had a nice ass, just like I remembered. I straddled his thighs and reached down, massaging his cheeks. He tensed up, and I continued until he relaxed. I started sliding one finger up and down his crack, gently brushing against his hole every so often. I leaned back over him and started whispering in his ear.”Damn baby. This ass is even nicer then I remembered. Can’t wait to bury myself in here and ride you.”I nuzzled his neck, and began licking my way down his back. I gave him little bites here and there, and I could hear him moan behind his gag. Good. It’s very important that he enjoy this. It’s not that I want to fuck with his head. I genuinely care about the kid. He’s just such a cock tease, and I’ve been trying to get him in bed for months. He always loves to play the part of the submissive little bitch-boy, but then when the time comes for us to get together, he backs out. And I’m not taking any more of his shit.I continued my work down his back until I reached his ass. I started biting and licking at his cheeks, before for spreading them open. I ran my tongue up and down his crack, purposely avoiding his hole. Once I could hear him making little whimpers of frustration, I relented and started gently licking circles around his hole. I could hear him making little moans of pleasure, and I continued, and started flicking my tongue on his hole, gently pushing inside a little. He made a much louder moan, and I responded by shoving my tongue inside of him as far as I could. I started fucking his Preteen Tgp ass with my tongue, shoving it in and out, licking circles around it. He started pressing his ass back into my face, trying to match my thrusts.The rimming continued for at least ten minutes. Eating out a sub is one of my favorite things to do. It makes them act Preteen Tgp
all wanton and slutty, spreading their legs wider and wider. I could make this go much, much longer. But I wanted to get to the main event. There would be plenty of times in the future for me to spend time eating out my new toy. I pulled my face away from his ass and climbed Preteen Tgp
onto the bed beside him. I grabbed his chin and forced him to look up at me. His eyes were hazy with lust and arousal.”Did you enjoy that baby? Did you enjoy having me eat you out, like the little slut you are?” The only response Preteen Tgp he gave was a little whimper. He wanted more.I climbed off the bed and stood in Preteen Tgp front of him. I made sure he was watching me as I slowly stripped off my clothing. His eyes followed my hands as I drew my shirt over my head, and then as they went to the front of khakis, I undid the button fly and slowly pushed them down past my thighs. Now I was wearing only my boxer briefs, and my erection was clearly straining against them, with a huge wet spot around the head of my Preteen Tgp cock.I knelt on the bed in front of him and rubbed my erection against his face. He moaned a little and rubbed back against it. Yeah, he definitely wanted it. “Sorry babe, but as much as I’d like to sink my into your throat, I don’t think you’ve earned that yet.” He gave a little whine of frustration. “Where Preteen Tgp
do you keep your lube?” He looked over to his bedside table. “Good boy.” I ruffled his hair before reaching over to the table and pulling out the lube.I moved back so I was again straddling his thighs, and popped the cap on the lube. I spread him with one hand, and dribbled some lube onto his ass with the other. The lube was cold, and he jumped a little as it hit him. I gave a little chuckle, and with my right hand started circling his lube covered ass, not yet penetrating him. I continued doing this for a few minutes, until he started pressing back against me fingers, trying to get Preteen Tgp them inside him. I slapped him on the ass with my other hand.”Now now. I know you want me inside you, but I’m the one in charge here.”I teased him a little more before finally sinking one finger into him, straight to the third knuckle. He moaned, a mix of pleasure and a little discomfort. I held my finger inside him until I felt him relax, and started moving it in and out of him, slowly. I was looking for his prostate, and then I found it. Marshall gave out a very low, long moan as I pressed against it, rubbing it a few times before withdrawing. Marshall whined at the loss. “Hush, pet. You’ll get more soon enough.” I reentered his ass, adding a second finger. I started pumping my fingers in an out of him a little faster this time, making sure to brush against his prostate as often as I could. He started pushing back against my fingers, and I let him. He was practically fucking himself on my hand now.”Such a little slut. You love having my fingers in you, don’t you?” He moaned and continued fucking himself.I surprised him by adding a third finger and he hissed a little at the intrusion, but continued to move himself back and forth on my fingers. I started to take control back and shoved all three into him as deep as I could, and began twisting them around. I didn’t even care about the noises he was making anymore. I had to be buried in that ass. I scissored my fingers in him, stretching him as wide as I could before pulling all three out. I moved back around so that he could see me take off my underwear and grab my rock hard cock.”You want my cock, Marshall? You want me to bury my cock in your ass?” He frantically nodded his head, the need to be fucked showing in his eyes. This boy was going to be fun. I grabbed the tube of lube and put some in the palm of my hand. I stroked up and down the length of my 8 inch cock, making sure it was slick all over. I moved around to his ass and positioned the head of my cock at his hole. I leaned back over him, until my face was next to his ear.”Are you ready to get fucked Marshall? Preteen Tgp Ready for me to own your ass.” He moaned and nodded his head, pushing his ass back to try and get me to slip inside him. I gave him another slap on the ass. “I’m the one in control boy. You just lay there and take it like the good bitch that I know you are.” I leaned back up, spread his ass, and started pushing my cock into his ass. Marshall moaned loudly as I buried inch after inch of my cock into him. I’m sure it was hurting him, but I didn’t stop until my pubes were resting against his ass. His breath became ragged, and I lay down on top of him, going back to kissing and licking his neck and ears.Once he was more used to my cock in him, I pulled out a few inches before pushing back in. Marshall moaned as I brushed his prostate on reentry. I slowly fucked in and out of him a few times before pulling out. Marshall let out a whine, but I grabbed him by his hips and propped him up on his knees, his face buried in the mattress. I kneeled behind him and slammed back into him. Just because I wanted him to enjoy it, didn’t mean I didn’t want to hurt him a little. I started to fuck him faster, and he started meeting my thrusts. This slut was hot for it.I continued fucking him in that position for a while, loving the feel of his ass squeezing my cock. I reached under Marshall and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard and leaking. He was enjoying this just as much as I was. I wanted to try a new position. I pulled Preteen Tgp
out, and before he could protest, I flipped him onto his back and lifted and spread his legs. I shoved my cock back into his ass and continued fucking him.I let go of his legs and he wrapped them around my waist, trying to pull me deeper into him. I held myself there while I leaned over his chest and started biting and licking at his nipples, twisting whichever one wasn’t in my mouth with my hand. I’ve always been able to fuck for a long time, and this would be no exception. I could feel his cock rubbing against my stomach, and I knew he was desperately trying to get off.”Listen bitch, you don’t get to cum until I tell you to. You cum without my permission and I’ll leave you tied to this bed for a week,” I growled into his ear. Marshall immediately stopped humping his cock against me.”Now, if I take your gag off and untie you, do you promise to be a good boy? Moan like my good little slut, and take whatever I put in your mouth?” Marshall looked me in the eyes, moaned, and nodded his head.”Good boy,” I purred into his ear as I reached up and undid his gag, and under him to undo his cuffs. “Oooohhh god, Jon…please…” were the first words to come out of his mouth. I chuckled a little and resumed fucking his ass. This was much better, now I could hear Marshall moan every time my cock brushed past his prostate. I wanted more though.Spreading his legs wide, I leaned down, roughly grabbed him by the back of hair, and shoved my tongue in his mouth. Marshall moaned as I kissed him, and I tried to match the thrusts of my cock with my tongue.”Yeah, I’m fucking both your holes now, slut,” I growled. I claimed his mouth again and thrust in and out of his ass as hard as I could. I was getting close. It was time to finish this.”Are you ready bitch? Are you ready for me to breed your ass?”"Uh, fuck, Jon, fuck me, fuck me.”"You ready for me to shoot inside you? Make you take my cum? Mark you as mine?”"Fuck, Jon, please, cum in me, breed me, please, fuck, make me yours.”"You want to be mine? You want me to own you? Say it slut.”"Fuck, I’m yours Jon. You own me. I belong to you. Please, I need it, please…”I picked up the pace of my fucking, grabbing him roughly by the hips. He’ll have bruises in the shape of my fingers there tomorrow. I slammed my cock in an out of him, feeling my orgasm build. “Fucking take it slut. You want to cum? Huh, do you?” I shouted at him, through gritted teeth. “Please let me cum Jon, please, I need to get off so fucking bad.”I leaned over him, still fucking as fast as I could.”You can cum as soon as you feel me shooting inside you, not a second before.” I slammed in and out until my orgasm finally hit me and I slammed my cock into him as far as I could get it to go. I quickly bit down on the nape of his neck, hard. I wanted to mark him, so that he and everyone else who saw it would know that he was owned.I felt his cock pulsing between us and knew he was cumming. I could feel his warm cum shooting between our bodies as my cock pulsed deep inside him, coating the inside of his ass. Marshall was shouting something, but I couldn’t make it out, I was too wrapped up in my own orgasm. His body slumped down into the bed and I followed, landing on top of him, my still hard cock still buried in his ass.After I caught my breath, I pushed myself up and looked at him.”I’m going to pull out now. You better make sure you don’t let any of my cum slip out of you,” I growled in his ear. I could feel him tighten his ass around my cock as I pulled out of him, and I moved to lay next to him. I reached over and grabbed him by his hair.”Clean your cum off me, slut,” I told him as I moved his head towards my cum covered stomach. He obediently began to lap his cum up off my stomach, all the while looking up at me, eyes full of lust and devotion. Yeah, I’ll definitely be keeping this one for a while.Once he was done, I told him to stay there as I got up and left the room. I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and headed to the bathroom. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned off my cock. I filled the bowl with warm water and brought both items back Preteen Tgp to Marshall’s room. He was laying on his side of the bed, waiting for me to return.I climbed on the bed next to him, wet the washcloth in the bowl, and wiped the cum from his stomach and cock. Once he was clean, I flipped him over and cleaned the lube and cum from the outside of his ass. “I meant what I said. You better keep my cum in there, or you’ll be sorry.”"Yes, sir.” So obedient. I knew all my boy needed was someone to break him in, and the rest would come to him naturally.Once he was clean, I pulled him towards the pillows and laid him on his side. I moved in behind him and spooned him, draping my arm over his waist. He was exhausted, and quickly snuggled into my embrace. I was pretty tired myself, and lazily nuzzled at the back of his neck, lulling him to sleep, and soon following him myself.Yes. I was going to keep him for a long, long time. Copyright Dom N. Attion, 2010The author would appreciate and and all comments and questions. dom.n.attiongmail.com

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